0klman (0klman) wrote in manhattannyc,

A "Taiwan Phenomenon" At The CMJ Music Marathon: 3 Bands, 3 Sounds

The CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival, New York City's largest and longest running music event, is known for its diverse artists, lively audiences, and in keeping with the Big Apple's own culture, international flavor. This year's 2011 CMJ Showcase will be no exception as three Taiwanese bands make their first appearance, bringing the sounds of Taiwan and their own individual styles to the people of NYC.
Dubbed "The Taiwan Phenomenon," the bands - Bearbabes, Echo, and 1976 - will make their first CMJ appearance from 8-10pm on Wednesday, October 19th at Dominion NY. The showcase is being organized by the Taiwan Government Information Office (GIO) and a-Peer Music Co., Ltd. So what should we expect from our friends from the East? I'm willing to put my money on an absolutely incredible and memorable experience.
Read more at http://china.musicdish.com/

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