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Mark the Date -- Fashion Night Out

It’s the stuff of New York dreams – to have 5th Avenue open all night long, free-flowing booze, free merchandise, and celebrities serving your every whim. And what was before only a layman’s fantasy is now a reality thanks to the Devil in Prada herself, Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Fashion’s Night Out, Wintour’s pet project, finally came to fruition last September in a glamorous explosion of boozy fun, with the goal of stimulating the fashion economy. And on the heels of the original’s success, on September 10th Fashion’s Night Out’s second incarnation shows no signs of slowing down the high-rolling fun.

A new and improved website accompanies the second annual FNO, making it easier than ever to plan your dream evening. Complete with a drag-and-drop map, where you can choose your favorite events and place them on your own personalized map of the evening. The best new improvement from last year, however, is the ability to search through the over 1000 listings for things like “free gift,” “refreshment,” or “celebrity” – they certainly know what New Yorkers are after. 

Read more for the complete list of the events and celebrity sightseeing tips.

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